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BlackBerry 9800 Slider quality and feel of the keyboard and the input performance

Some time ago when I saw on TV Blackberry 9800 mobile phone, see its slider design that impressed me.

As BlackBerry's first slider phone, we should not have too much of his claim, but for the pursuit of perfection BlackBerry enthusiasts believe that every request for this BlackBerry 9800, so we set up demanding to prepare thin glasses scrutiny to proceed on this product.

Blackberry is really hard to do in this product, although 9800 was their first slider products, but the performance of the slide and the feel of the BlackBerry 9800's performance is very good. The first is the semi-open approach gives a good boost feelings, followed in turn on / off the sound when the slide is very likable, at least for this writer is this.

Of course, the BlackBerry 9800 slider design is not without its drawbacks, and the touch screen that is in line with the above, the author will close the slide, it is often inadvertently touch screen application which is causing some capacity to misuse, I do not know in the future software upgrade can not solve this problem.

BlackBerry 9800 keyboard design perfect "copy" the design of the BlackBerry 9700, the author makes a comparison of the two keyboards, almost no difference. This means that the BlackBerry 9800 keyboard also has a smaller overall problem, when it comes to some of the key combinations between adjacent keys when used may slightly change, but did not on the whole is so crowded on the Palm Pre .

 Although the design of the keyboard and the BlackBerry 9700 is basically the same, but the key way on the BlackBerry 9800 keyboard have to short a lot less press up on 9700 at the same time some kind of sense of crisp baking, it seems that it will take some time to adapt.

 We all know that the BlackBerry recently changed their lock screen mode, the BlackBerry 9800 users need only click on the top of the phone lock screen button can lock the phone's screen. But the BlackBerry 9800 lock screen button is really too soft, so 9800 in my trouser pockets are no reflection of the author repeatedly unlocked.

Generally speaking Blackberry 9800 shape design and no obvious defects, the performance should be done in all aspects of the BlackBerry in the top level, but in the shape of the BlackBerry 9800 is still lacking for most users of surprises, this is the BlackBerry 9800 relative to the iPhone 4, Droid X and i9000 in the shape of the biggest problems in terms.